For a successful project implementation, a series of necessary actions were carried out in order to demonstrate the viability and advantages of using Freshbox containers to store and transport fresh produce.

  • Here you can find a summary of the technical activities performed during the execution of the project (Updated 30/06/2017)

A. Preparatory Actions: Preliminary actions needed to design and organize the project's execution.

  1. Selection of fruits and vegetables for trials (Complete)
  2. Development of protocol to organize testing of the Freshbox container (Complete)
  3. Functional requirements analysis of the Freshbox container (Complete)
  4. Functional requirements analysis of the Integrated Sensors Kit (Complete)

Read article on technical meeting for the Preparatory Actions, and read more on the technical trials to select fresh produce here.


B. Implementation Actions: Testing the innovative features of the Freshbox with the selective commodities follows after that and is carried out in two phases: at labatory level and during transportation (from Spain to Germany and vice versa).

  1. Produce the Freshbox (Complete) Find out about the technical meetingsfirst prototypes, and the first developments and other feedback phases of the Fresh Box container
  2. Produce the Integrated Sensors Kit (Complete) Read more about the testing of sensor prototypes at IMaR
  3. Perform Freshbox laboratory test with selected fresh produce (Complete) 
  4. Perform Freshbox transportation test with selected fresh produce (Complete) 

C. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions: In order to guarantee a proper implementation of the project, all participating members will be responsible for controlling and monitoring its progress and impact.

  1. Technical monitoring (Complete)
  2. Final technical evaluation (Complete)
  3. Conclusions & guidelines (Complete)
  4. Monitoring the socio-economic impact of the project (Complete) 


D. Communication and dissemination actions: In order to promote our project and its objetives, a series of tasks related to dissemination and raising awareness will be carried out.

  1. Project website (Complete)
  2. LIFE+ Information boards (Complete- read article here)
  3. Layman's Report (Complete- download it here)
  4. General Dissemination: press releases, news items, brochures and leaflets, presentations at conferences and events (Ongoing- see press and news section)
  5. Local awareness: open-days, local press, educational visits, etc. (Ongoing- see news section)

E. Project management: In order to guarantee a smooth implementation of the project, a Steering Committee will be formed with representatives of each participant. Also, each partner will organize a structure for the division of tasks. An external audit will be performed at the end of the project as well as the preparation of an after LIFE+ Communication plan. (Complete)

  1. After Life - Plan de Comunicación (Complete)

A calendar for the foreseen actiones is provided below.

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