Fundación Aula Dei (PCTAD)

Aula Dei Science and Technology Park is a foundation in which public and private entities have joined to create a new science site. Aula Dei Science Park counts with prestigious institutions in the food, agriculture and environmental industries. Aula Dei Science Park is near Zaragoza, 300 km (180 Mi) from Barcelona and Madrid.

Their model embodies all elements for creating a new and valuable agent in the Aragon society:

  • 500+ researchers
  • 8+ reference institutions
  • Direct involvement of the Regional Government of Aragón
  • Direct involvement of the Science & Research Spanish National Center

The research group has been working on pre and postharvest technologies for more than 10 years. Their core research lines are the Application of postharvest technologies and new product development research:

  • Application of postharvest technologies and shelf life studies.
  • Development of new analytical techniques in postharvest quality control.
  • Design of specific modified atmosphere packaging systems.
  • Development in the active packaging of fruits and vegetables.
  • Efficacy of washing and sanitizing methods for disinfection of fresh fruit and vegetable products.
  • New product development research: minimally processing (fresh cut) and V gamme.
  • Efficacy of controlled atmosphere, modified atmosphere packaging, application of 1-methylciclopropene and other products for maturation control.
  • Non-destructive methods for fruit quality evaluation and internal damages on fruit detection: near infrared (NIR), multi spectral laser.
  • Design of modified atmosphere packaging systems: study of respiratory metabolism and internal atmosphere in plants. Evaluation of fruit and vegetables tolerance to different atmospheric compositions.  Analysis of ethanol and acetaldehyde accumulation in fruits. Appropriate film permeability selection.

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