Networking continues in Madrid


During June 15-16th, Sara Remon and Esther Arias of PCTAD represented the Freshbox project during the second edition of the EnviFood Meeting Point fair. During the event, they participated in the Innovation Gallery and were also able to speak with representatives from Fundación Global Nature, an organization dedicated to nature conservation and environment that has gained experience in 10 LIFE projects over the years.

 Specifically, they spoke of one of their latest projects, LIFE AgriClimate Change (LIFE09 ENV/ES/000441 and winner of the 2014 Best of the Best awards). This project intends to increase the mitigation potential of agriculture. A new software has been created which will be used in farms in four countries of the European Union in order to determine and support farming activities that contribute to combating climate change.

In this sense, although each project targets different parts of the food production chain (agriculture in the case of AgriClimate Change and food transport/distribution in the case of Freshbox, the people from Fundación Global Nature were able to share the results obtained until now. Also, they were able to converse on the advantages of technology for innovation in the food sector. For example, AgriClimate Change relies on increasing access to information through their software and database, while Freshbox relies on the innovative integrated sensors kit and app for distributors to monitor respiration rates and mantain produce shelf life.

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