The LIFE+ Freshbox Project

The Freshbox project is part of the European Union's LIFE+ programme. The project aims to improve the sustainability of the distribution of fresh produce to create a more competitive sector that can offer better products to the final consumer.

Fresh Box is a suitable transport solution conserving quality of fresh produce, reducing waste and fuel consumption.

Currently, the time span of storage, transportation and distribution of fresh produce from wholesaler to final consumer is exceedingly large. Storage/transportation is performed with standard containers that do not reproduce the ideal conditions of respiration rate of each type of fruit/vegetable. The Fresh Box container will be developed in order to reduce food waste, extend fresh produce shelf life and reduce fuel/energy consumption.

Fresh Box container characteristics:
 -   Active/smart container that stores/transports each type of fresh produce in the ideal conditions of respiration rate
 -   Monitored with an innovative Integrated Sensor Kit to check the main environmental features in the container and allow traceability
 -   Light-weight, manufactured with a technology that saves energy and made of innovative recyclable material
 -   Transports fresh produce harvested at a higher maturity stage: consumers will be able to enjoy fruits and vegetables with better features

Project Details
The team has been formed from a transnational partnership and consists of 6 members, one from Ireland, one from Germany and the remaining four from Spain. Each member adds value to the team as a whole because they come from 3 different countries and all have experience in a different area. The project as a whole also adds value for the EU because it is in line with the current EU Legislation and other European programmes related to reducing food waste and a more sustainable Europe.

Project Budget: €1.851.396

EU Grant: €921.696

Leader: PCTAD (ES)

Other Participants: AITIIP (ES), IMaR (IE), KÖLLA (DE), Lafuente Tomey (ES), TRANSFER LBC (ES)

Project duration: 3 years (from July 2014 to June 2017)

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