Networking meeting with LIFE Baqua

During a meeting with partners of the LIFE Baqua project in Zaragoza on March 19th, Aitiip took the opportunity to present the FRESH BOX project.  LIFE BAQUA is entitled “Solutions through the new use for a waste of banana crop to develop products in aquaculture and plastics sector” (LIFE15 ENV/ES/000157) and is also focused on green and sustainable materials.

The main objective of this project is to establish a new circular economy approach to take advantage of wastes from banana plantation (pseudo stem of the plant). From this pseudo stem, and using mechanical processing, two different raw materials are obtained: high quality natural fibres from one side and the residual pulp on the other side. Treated fibre is going to be used to obtain natural reinforced composites, which, as such, may be applied to the automotive sector, as well as bio-based films, which can be employed, among other applications, in the plantation for agricultural use and in the packaging of fish feed. With the residual pulp, as a great technological innovation, it will be held the development of antioxidant additives which serve as a supplement in the production of fish diets for aquaculture.

The project partners showed great interest in the project's findings and were curious to see the innovative lid for the container and the tailored macroperforation membranes. The Baqua partners expressed their interest to be updated on the project results and were cordially invited to attend the project's Final International Conference in Zaragoza later on next month.


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